WHat is Aalacar? 

       Aalacar is a revolutionary and an intelligent device which has been designed to make your vehicle smarter. Aalacar is unlike any other smart vehicle integration modules of its kind. While other smart vehicle devices are designed only for specific tasks like vehicle tracking or monitoring or predictive maintenance and provide limited information and functionalities about the vehicle they have been integrated in, Aalacar provides all of this information and much more in a single bundle. It accomplishes these myriad of tasks by making the best use of cloud computing, IoT, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), OBD (On-board Diagnostic capabilities), Android system and a host of other technologies all bundled into one small and convenient device.

            Aalacar provides all the important information about your vehicle on your Smartphone including, but not limited to, real time location of your vehicle, the trip histories of your vehicle, the health diagnostic of your vehicle’s engine to make sure it stays in best operational shape as well as diagnostic codes which will provide you with the detailed information of any faults in your vehicle so that you can address them without having to wonder and worry about the fault and where it came from. Aalacar will help you to keep track of your family and friends and loom after them by providing you with their real time location as they travel and the status of their vehicles. It will also diagnose the driving behavior of the driver and will help you increase the longevity of your vehicle.

            Aalacar provides all of this information in a fun and easy to read way and ensures the safety of both your vehicle and its passengers in equal measure.

Features & Benefits


Aalacar comes with a myriad of features for you to exploit. The first and foremost of its features is that it is completely plug and play device which means there’s no need for any kind of settings or configurations for you to do. You can just plug it in the OBD-II port of your car and it’s all ready to be used. There is no hassle of configuring it or to do anything of sort. It’s as simple and easy to use as inserting a USB stick into your car or computer. The other features of the Aala car are:

  • Real-Time Tracking

With the tracking features of the Aalacar, you will always know the exact whereabouts of your vehicle. With this device plugged into your vehicle, you will always be able to track your vehicle in real-time on the maps.

  • Fleet Management

The fleet management feature is one of the best features of the Aalacar for the businesses. If a business employs a multitude of vehicles, they can all be tracked and managed through a single app on your Smartphone, eliminating the need for an extensive setup of computers and tracking systems. Aalacar app provides all the information of the whole fleet in a single app.

  • Fuel Consumption Analysis

Aalacar continuously monitors and records the fuel consumption of your vehicle and in doing so, creates perfect and accurate records which help you to calculate your fuel needs for one trip or for a whole month ensuring that you do not have to spend any extra fuel than you have to.

  • Battery Backup

Unlike any of the other OBD-II port devices out there, Aalacar is the first of its kind to have a built in power backup. That means even if the battery is removed from your vehicle or if the OBD-II connection is cut or even if someone forces it out in case of a vehicle theft, Aalacar will still its location for 3 hours relying on its own power backup.

  • Crash Response

Aalacar comes with automated emergency crash response system. If you were to have an accident, the Aalacar will detect the crash/ accident and will send out an alert to the emergency response units automatically for immediate support.

  • Geo Fencing

One of the best features of the Aalacar which have never been seen in any of other such modules of its kind until now. You can now set a perimeter of a specific range of driving for your vehicle. If your vehicle were to go out of bounds of your specified area, Aalacar will send out an alert to your app informing you that your vehicle has breached the Geo fenced area.

  • Trip Histories

Trip histories cover all the details of your trips like the path taken during that trip, the distance covered in kilometers, average speed of the vehicle as well as fuel consumption of the trip and helps you plan your next trip more easily and more efficiently.

  • Built-in & up-to-date Road Maps

Aalacar has been uploaded with up to date maps of all the roads of the Pakistan. You can say goodbye to the old and outdated maps and can accurately navigate through the cities and all the other roads with assurety and ease.

  • Fuel Station Locations

Aalacar provides real-time and updated locations of all the fuel station at all times, ensuring that you will never run out of fuel on your journey. It also sends out the fuel alert if your car is nearing the fuel depletion.

  • DTC Notification

Aalacar provides a comprehensive lists of codes which are accessible through the Aalacar app. They will provide notifications and alerts in case of any faults in your vehicle and in the engine of your vehicle. With its smart systems, Aalacar detects all the faults in your vehicle and its engine and ensure that you address these issue directly without having to look for them at the workshop.

  • Fuel Economy Tracking

With Aalacar’s fuel economy tracking, the fuel economy of your vehicle is now completely in your hands. You can monitor the engine’s performance and make the changes that suit better to your budget.

  • Predictive Maintenance

Aalacar device and Aalacar app join hands together in this feature to analyze all the information of your vehicle and provide you with all the details of any potential issues that may arise later in the future as a result of part degradation and wear and tear. Aalacar will let you know about these things before they happen which means you can save a lot of time and money to address them beforehand and save yourself from the inconvenience of stopping in the middle of the road. You would do well to heed the advice of Aalacar in this matter.

  • Driver Behavior Reports

Aalacar observes the driver’s behavior through speed control, aggressive braking and other systematic behaviors. Its algorithms provide you with all the details of the driving behavior of the person sitting in the driving seat ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and the passengers sitting in it.


Aalacar is compatible with all the vehicle which are equipped with OBD-II ports, which means you can equip any vehicle which goes as far back as 1996 to talk to you, keep you updated on vehicle’s health, and SAVE in your maintenance costs and headache.

Aalacar is the first of its kind vehicle OBD modules which offers a multitude of features all in one small piece of device and there are no hidden fees or charges behind it at all. Vehicle owners can enjoy all of the app features and services without any hindrances after installing the device in their vehicle.