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Combination of Interconnected Technologies

Explore the Internet of All Things with our cutting-edge IoT development services. We leverage core IoT technologies, IoT cloud services, and smart IoT solutions to transform your business. We don’t just connect your devices to the cloud, we integrate the solution into a comprehensive IoT platform.  


Our solutions are customized to your needs and therefore power the IoT applications beyond the ordinary. We ensure that your Internet of Things companies thrive in an ever-connected ecosystem. From IoT cloud-based services to consulting that aligns with the top IoT companies, we deliver excellence and innovation, making us the IoT consultant of choice for future-focused enterprises.  


At AMS-IoT, our mission is to redefine the fabric of technology, elevating lifestyles and reshaping the workflow architecture in corporate landscapes and industrial realms. Our IoT development services are pioneering a pathway to modernization. With a forward-thinking ethos, we are at the brink of an innovative era in the industrial sector, ready to harness IoT and its applications for a transformed future. As the world pivots to an Internet of all things paradigm, we stand prepared to fulfil your evolving needs and aspirations with top-tier IoT technology and IoT consulting services. When the moment of transformation arrives, AMS-IoT will be your beacon of change & progress.

IoT Development Services

Our IoT development services span the full spectrum of IoT technologies. We provide comprehensive coverage and depth in different IoT development areas. Each solution is customized to meet your needs. We offer end-to -end IoT development from concept to launch. This includes everything from feasibility to PoC, from hardware design to firmware development, from industrial design to sourcing & production, and everything in between.


With our scope of offered services, you are not alone at any step of the way to success!


Choose our turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning. Our team excels in translating your specifications into a market-ready product. Expect meticulous attention to every stage – from system architecture design and component selection to PCB layout, software development, and rigorous testing.


In addition to IoT development services, we offer embedded system development services as well. Whether you are working on time critical applications or developing devices using RTOS, Embedded Linux, etc., we will design the complete system for you and implement it per your requirements and industry standards.


A reliable asset tracking system integrates many moving parts to be requires customization to ensure that is Optimize your asset management with our sensors based asset tracking solution. Designing tailored systems, we empower you to monitor and manage your assets globally, at any moment.


Streamline your IoT product development with our comprehensive hardware design services. We focus on advanced PCB layout and digital design verification, through cutting-edge tools for schematic capture and layout design, delivering ready-to-implement design files for your rapid implementation of your IoT products. Our team ensures your designs are optimized for manufacturability and best performance.


Upgrade and unify your legacy systems with our IoT integration services. We specialize in retrofitting legacy systems for smart functionality, focusing on seamless integration and system interoperability. Our approach involves detailed analysis of your current systems, followed by the implementation of IoT protocols and standards to ensure a smooth transition to smarter operations.


Our IoT fleet management expertise provides you with advanced solutions to manage and optimize your vehicle fleet. We leverage telematics and real-time data analytics to increase your fleet's operational efficiency and reduce maintenance overheads. Our services include vehicle tracking, fuel management systems, and predictive maintenance alerts, all designed to optimize your fleet operations.


Our approach is informed by your specific design requirements and project objectives. Our expert team meticulously crafts firmware to optimize device efficiency, reduce operational costs, and extend product longevity. We employ best practices in coding, rigorous testing methodologies, and continuous integration and deployment processes. By focusing on scalability, security, and maintainability, we ensure that the firmware we develop not only meets the immediate needs of your devices but also supports future enhancements and updates.


Our service equips you with a robust suite of tools and resources, integrating advanced sensors, cloud computing, and user-friendly interfaces for seamless remote operations. We focus on secure data transmission, comprehensive analytics, and customizable control systems to empower you with complete command over your resources, ensuring efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.


This is the option, where we will take the whole project from concept to commissioning. We will take the specifications and goals, and come back to you with a finished & ready-to-launch product!


This is where our hardware design experts will design the complete hardware for you. This includes circuit design, components selection, PCB design, design verification, and delivery of final design files.


Firmware is a critical part of any new (or old) device. The design decisions and project goals play a part in how the firmware is written. We write the firmware for your devices, with the goals of achieving efficiency, lowering cost, and increasing longevity.


We will help you design & develop complete embedded solutions that require part custom development, and part off-the-shelf components. From field sensors to customs hardware to proprietary clouds to smart phones, we have expertise in each category technology.


Do you have an old hardware design that needs to be ported to a newer hardware? Do you have a legacy product that needs to be retrofitted to become a smart devices? Do you have two systems that need to talk to each other? Please contact us!


One of the most useful use cases of IoT, is remote monitoring and control. This is a fabulous capability to have, whenever you are managing your resources from a distance. We will equip you with the tools and resources to make this happen!


Another great use case for IoT. We will design customer asset tracking solutions for you. Our solution will ensure that you can track, maintain, and report on your assets from anywhere in the world, any time you want.


Fleet Management is a great use case for IoT for businesses that need to maintain large fleet of vehicles. We specialize in design and development of fleet management solutions. Our solutions will help you get a solid grip on your fleet management, reduce maintenance costs, and improve efficiency across the entire fleet operation.

How We Work

The way we work builds upon our values and our promises

Slide Managing Strategy We concentrate on the budget, deadlines, and most importantly on efficiency. We consider understanding the objectives and goals of a project to be one of the most important priorities of the endeavor. Slide Organized Functioning Organized Functioning We carefully work out and establish a process to govern the project in the most comprehensive manner. Our goal here is cover all aspects of the project in both depth and breadth. Slide Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk assessment plays a central role in our projects, and guides our strategy and processes for risk avoidance and effective mitigation. Slide Work Progress Work Progress Every project is a priority for us and we know how to communicate well with our clients and keep them informed of each and every progress through weekly status reports, status calls, office visits, and stats reports, etc. Slide Team Dedication Team Dedication All AMS-IoT team members are on board and committed to the goal of the project from start to finish. The concept of complete commitment and dedication permeates all stages of the project. Slide Effective Decision Making Effective Decision Making We live by the parable: right decision at the right time. Decisions play a critical role in a project's success, and all decisions taken during the life of a project are valuable. Keeping the project goal in mind, we make clear-sighted decisions to benefit the project cause.

How We Work

The way we work relies upon our values and promises 

Slide Managing Strategy We concentrate on the budget, deadlines, and most importantly efficiency. We consider that understanding the tasks, objec-
tives, and goals of a project is obligatory.
Slide Organized Functioning Organized Functioning We carefully work out and apply the functioning process that includes determining what is required in a project. Slide Risk Assessment Risk Assessment We identify the risks before they happen so that we are able to set up the required processes and methods to prevent the risks altogether and minimize the negative impact on the project. Slide Work Progress Work Progress Every project is a priority for us and we know how to communicate well with our clients and keep them informed of each and every progress through weekly status reports, status calls, office visits, and stats reports, etc. Slide Team Dedication Team Dedication We believe that every member of the team in the project needs to be on board and stay fully committed until the project is effectually finalized. Slide Effective Decision Making Decision Making Any decision in a project is the most valuable. Our strong decision making skills help us in weighing the available solutions and pick the suitable course of action.


Depending on the project requirements,

We blend standard industry methodologies with

a flexible approach to planning and execution

Slide Methodology Slide


We make a perfect blend of methodological standards and flexible aspects

How Can We
Improve Your

AMSIoT offers comprehensive Internet of Things services to propel your company into the future of digital innovation. Our role extends beyond IoT development services. We provide custom IoT solutions and IoT platform implementation. Our expertise includes (but are not limited to) a range of IoT technologies, from edge computing to cloud integration. We ensure your business leverages IoT for smart process optimization for the best operational efficiency, and keeps pace with digital advancements.

Boost Productivity

With our IoT solutions, you can eliminate inefficiencies and supercharge your business productivity. Our IoT services are designed to optimize your operations for peak performance. Our systems, equipped with advanced sensors and applications, provide actionable insights into your processes. We focus on data-driven optimization, from workflow automation to resource allocation, ensuring your operations at maximum productivity

Innovate Faster

Partner with AMS-IoT as and harness our IoT technology expertise to fast-track your work. We will come ALL IN, with our full strength in IoT development & consulting services to help you achieve your business objectives swiftly and effectively.

Increase Profits

With the power of IoT data, we help you unlock new profit avenues. We use IoT data & insights of your market, consumers, and IoT devices to identify opportunities for better customer servicing and improve your IoT-enabled products, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Improve Customer Relationship

Find out exactly how your customers interact with your IoT products/services, then exceed their expectations, and build stronger, more fruitful relationships with them. Our IoT asset tracking and management systems ensure you are always ahead in customer satisfaction.

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Our Success Stories

Engineering Procurement Emporium Mall

Nishat Emporium Mall ,Lahore

Successfully managed engineering, procurement,
construction, installation, (EPC) mechanical electrical
& instrumentation works of 12.8 MW power plant &

Nestle Pakistan electrical installation

Nestle Pakistan Limited

Operated electrical installation works of 1x9MW power plant project, Nestle Sheikhupura.

Wartsila Pakistan installation of electrical work

Wartsila Pakistan Ltd

Handled supply, delivery, erection, and installation of electrical work for lucky cement 3x12v50DF conversion project.

D.G. Khan Cement Electrical & instrumental installations

D.G. Khan Cement Co. Ltd, Lahore

Electrical & instrumentation installations of 02 Nos. (16.5MW) genset at DGKCC Khairpur project. (Phase-I & II)

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