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Our Smart Switch lets you convert all your home lighting, and appliances into smart  equipment that can be controlled using your smart phone. How it does it? Smart Switch replaces the conventional switchboard in your house. Once plugged in, it uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your smart phone, and allows you to control the appliance using the phone.



You can turn on, turn off, set the dimmer, set time schedule etc. for various appliances, and see it getting done automatically.


Wifi Icon
Wi-Fi Connectivity

Use the smart switch device with smart switch mobile app, and control the switch with a Wi-Fi connection or data network.

User-Friendly Interface
User-Friendly Mobile Application

A super easy and efficient free mobile app that will become your house’s control center. This app will change your perspective & experience towards usage of smart devices.

Google Home and Alexa Compatible
Google Home and Alexa Compatible

Fully compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home products.


Set timers for lights, fans, appliances  etc. in all rooms, and control them as per your choice.

Saving Electricity
Saving Electricity

Smart Switches can detect the time of day, and turn lights on & off automatically, based on the time of dawn and dusk.

Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring

Your Smart Switch mobile app will let you know of an averaged-out history. You will be aware of every appliance’s electricity consumption values, and plan the usage to reduce electricity bill.

Power Rating
Power Rating Up-To 1500 W

With Smart Switch, you can easily operate heavy appliances such as irons, electric heater etc.

How it works

Replace your conventional power switch with our Smart Switch, according to the guide
provided, and then download the accompanying mobile app from the app store.
Initiate auto-configuration by connecting with the switch through your smart phone.

<b>Process</b> Appliances Arrow Icon Smart Switch Arrow Icon AWS Icon Arrow Icon Wifi Icon Arrow Icon Mobile Icon User Interface Smart Switch WiFi Connection AWS Cloud The data of Smart Switch gets stored & processed securely in the AWS cloud based on our custom algorithms. Smart Switch connects to the Wi-Fi network of your choice to communicate ,with the user through the mobile app. Appliances Any type of appliance is compatible with our Smart Switch. Choose a stable network connection. User can manage and monitor his Smart Switch through a mobile app from anywhere. <b>Step 1</b><br>Download the  iOS or Android app Mobile app icon Smart Switch App Download the Download on App Store Download on Google Pay <b>Step 2</b><br>Replace switch on the wall How it works Smart Switch Download on Google Pay Download on App Store <b>Step 3</b><br>Add Switches Add Switches to Smart Switch Download on Google Pay Download on App Store <b>Step 4</b><br>Auto Configuration Download on Google Pay Download on App Store <b>Step 5</b><br>All set to go Smart Switch Download on Google Pay Download on App Store


Smart switch comes with various benefits


Smart Switches are energy efficient and let you know the entire information of power consumption by each appliance.

Wi-Fi connectivity provides you complete control over your appliances.

Smart Switches can be easily managed over voice commands through Alexa and Google Home.


Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Communication Protocol

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz b/g/n

Smart Switch

Input Voltage

110VAC to 220AVC

Power Rating

1500 W


The Smart Switch has no specific compatibility requirements.
All it needs for operation is:

Input Power Supply

Stable Wi-Fi Connection

Mobile Application for Configuration and Control

Use Cases

Be Smart

Technology has become an essential part of the modern daily life. From your smart phone to your smart air conditioner & smart refrigerator, 'beneficial' use cases of technology are endless. Our Smart Switch exists in the same vein. It is the perfect replacement for your conventional, decades-old switch. It not only automates your lighting management but also optimizes your electricity usage. Basically, our Smart Switch has the ability to convert your conventional appliances into modern ones, and bring their control DIRECTLY on your smart phone. What else could be more revolutionary!

Safe & Convenient

Our Smart Switch brings a significant positive change to your daily life. First of all, it is a totally safe device to use, and operate. With its communication ability, it brings control of all your household appliances on your finger tips, via your smart phone. With the Smart Switch in place, your children don't have to operate the switches that may have electric shock hazard, and the elderly don't have to do the physical labor to turn the appliance on or off. That's how our Smart Switch makes things safe and convenient for you and your family!

Easy Monitoring


Explosive population growth coupled with scarce energy resources are leading to higher energy & electricity bills. A common consumer is well-advised to keep an eye on his household's energy consumption, and reduce it wherever possible. Our Smart Switches give you the ability to do exactly that i.e. actively monitor your electricity consumption in real time. This information gives you insights into where electricity is being wasted, and easily program the Smart switch to turn the appliances off automatically, whenever they are not in use. Thus, saving electricity, and saving you money.

Remote Control

Remote Control

We live in a busy world, and have a million things to take care of in a day. It's plausible that sometimes we may forget turning off power hungry appliances while leaving the house, only to realize the situation when we are well away from the house. Smart Switch has this great feature to remotely control your devices from anywhere & anytime. In this instance, you would be able to turn off the forgotten devices, thus, reducing wastage of electricity, and minimizing safety hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase all of the AMS-IoT devices from our online store, or contact the official contact numbers on the website.

Smart Switches do not have any special compatibility requirements. What it needs for operation are just following:

  • Input power supply
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Mobile Application for configuration and control

It is recommended to use the Wi-Fi connection to use the device to its full potential. Smart Switches can be operated offline with limited features.


Smart Switches can be configured by using the mobile application. The configuration mode itself guides you for each step to make the process seamless. Smart Switches have been made very easy to configure by using auto-configuration process which  requires minimum input from you.