Smart Water leakage Detection & Management Solution

Smart Water Leakage Detection & Management Solution

smart leak detection & water management system


The Smart Water Leakage Detection & Management Solution effectively monitors and manages water consumption in agricultural, commercial, and household buildings.


One of the key benefits of our solution is its ability to promptly alert users in case of any water leaks, enabling immediate action to prevent wastage and potential damages. Additionally, we have included soil moisture determination capabilities, particularly useful for agricultural purposes. This feature helps determine the optimal amount of water required for soil moisture, leading to better water management practices and improved crop yield.


By optimizing water usage patterns and providing detailed usage reports, our solution empowers building owners to actively promote water conservation, achieve cost savings, and ensure accurate billing. Through these reports, owners gain valuable insights into their water consumption patterns, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to minimize water wastage.



Smart drain cap offers a range of valuable features:

Water Consumption Monitoring

The solution allows for the monitoring and recording of water consumption in agricultural, commercial, and household buildings.

Soil Moisture Determination

In the agricultural sector, the solution helps determine the appropriate amount of water needed for soil moisture, aiding in water conservation and improved crop yield.

Leakage Detection and Alerting

This system can detect water leakages or excess water consumption and promptly alert building owners, allowing for quick resolution and prevention of further wastage or damage.

Usage Pattern Reports

The system provides detailed reports on water consumption and usage patterns including breakdowns of hot and cold water usage, enabling building owners to track their usage and identify areas for improvement.

Accurate Billing

The system measures accurate water usage to make sure building owners are charged only for the water they actually use, eliminating estimation errors or losses due to leakages.

LoRa wan TECH

The use of LoRa TTN enables reliable data transmission over long distances, making it suitable for IoT applications across wide areas.