Smart Drain Cap

Smart Drain Cap

Blockage Detection and timely notifications


The Smart Drain Cap is a conventional drain cap, fitted with electronics to sense water backing up in the drain and send status information to the building manager’s mobile phone via cloud. This innovative device helps building management stay ahead of water spillage catastrophes and take timely preventive/corrective actions in case of a potential blockage.


The device consists of two rope sensors that detect water backing up from the main line. The signal from rope sensors is processed & forwarded by the main controller circuit to the cloud and onto users’ devices.


The AalaCar device offers a range of valuable features for both individual consumers and fleet managers:

Blockage Detection

The Smart Drain cap is equipped with sensors that detect blockages in the sewage system before the water spills over.

Timely Notifications

The drain cap sends blockage notifications to the maintenance teams via a mobile app and a web app hosted on AWS.

Dual Communication Protocols Supported

AMS-IoT developed two versions of the drain cap - one using Wi-Fi technology for residential properties and another using LoRaWAN technology for commercial buildings.

Multiple Notification Channels

Notifications can be received through both the mobile app and the web app, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase all of the AMS-IoT devices from our online store or contact the official contact number on the website.

Lego lights do not have any special compatibility requirements. All that is needed is:

  • Input Power Supply
  • Stable Wi-Fi Connection
  • You get it for FREE when you purchase the lights

It is recommended to use the Wi-Fi connections to use the device in its full potential. Lego lights can be operated offline with limited features.

The Lego lights can be configured by using Lego lights mobile application. The configuration mode itself guides you through each configuration step to make the process seamless. The auto configuration process and requires minimum input from you, and makes the process a breeze!

Syncing the Lego lights device to music is too easy. All you have to do is to select the music sync mode and the device will do the rest for you.

Lego lights provide the multicolored tiles that can be connected together in any order & shape using the connector. Once connected in your desired shape, you can set the colors and color patterns using the mobile app.

It can be simply monitored via its companion app, without the need of any other controlling device.

Lego light doesn’t need any 3rd party platform. However, it is compatible with both Google home & Amazon Echo, which gives you additional ways to control the lights.