POS relay Card

POS relay Card

hardware solution to measure transaction time for server-side delays.


POS Relay Card is a hardware solution designed by AMS-IoT for the banking and EMV industries to measure transaction time for server-side delays. It serves as an ideal solution for banking and EMV industries, providing a reliable and accurate method to calculate delays from the servers of financial institutions when different cards are entered into various Point of Sale (POS) systems. By significantly reducing transaction times, this cutting-edge technology not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives cost savings and boosts the bottom line for businesses.

Aalacar Specification


The AalaCar device offers a range of valuable features for both individual consumers and fleet managers:

Transaction Time Measurement

The system measures the transaction time for server-side delays from the bank server.

Dummy POS

The system includes a Dummy POS that extracts information from an actual EMV card.

Cloud Connectivity

The information extracted from the Dummy POS is sent to a smartphone via the cloud.

Relay Card

The system utilizes a Relay card that performs transactions and measures transaction time.

Response Time Analysis

The system allows the client to check the response time of different credit cards' transactions for the server side.


The system identifies cards with the fastest response times, allowing the client to optimize their server and POS system for improved efficiency.