Redefining Recreational Vehicles (RVs)


Chippy is a smart device with a focus on research and development for recreational vehicles (RVs). Its purpose is to provide a smart system for controlling up to four loads simultaneously in motor homes. The mission of Chippy is to bring the benefits of mobile motor homes to industries and long-distance travellers.

System Architecture

Chippy operates on a 32-bit system architecture, providing efficient processing and control capabilities for the device’s functions.

Chippy combines these technologies and tools to offer a comprehensive and intelligent solution for controlling and monitoring loads in recreational vehicles, enhancing the overall experience for motor home owners and long-distance travelers.


The Chippy device offers a range of benefits for motor homes and recreational vehicles (RVs):

Current Measurement

Chippy enables the measurement of the current drawn by the appliances installed in motor homes, providing users with valuable information for energy management.

Load Control and Battery Monitoring

The device allows users to control the loads/appliances and monitor the battery's health, optimizing energy consumption and protecting against excessive current draw that may damage the appliances. It extends the life of appliances.

Energy Efficiency

By monitoring and controlling the loads, Chippy promotes energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption during travel.

Cost Savings

The optimized use of Chippy in RVs offers cost-saving advantages, making long-distance travel more affordable compared to traditional static homes.


RV travel with Chippy provides total flexibility, allowing travelers to change their destinations, explore new areas, and enjoy the freedom of a mobile home.

Social Distancing

RV travel, especially during times of social distancing, provides an ideal way to maintain distance and safety while enjoying a comfortable and controlled living space.


The development of Chippy involved the use of the following technologies and tools: