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AalaCar is an innovative automotive startup based in Toronto, Canada. Committed to advancing smart vehicle technologies, their mission is to make the benefits of these technologies accessible to everyday consumers. AalaCar is driven by a passion for technology and aims to provide a positive and considerate upgrade to people’s lives, relationships, and businesses.

AalaCar partnered with AMS-IoT to develop their flagship product, the AalaCar device. Starting from the feasibility stage, AMS-IoT took on the project and successfully delivered a comprehensive solution. The AalaCar device consists of a well-designed hardware device, featuring a custom casing and a specialized printed circuit board (PCB). It also incorporates advanced firmware, various communication ports, cloud integration, and an interactive mobile app for end consumers.

Aalacar Specification


The AalaCar device offers a range of valuable features for both individual consumers and fleet managers:

Real-Time Vehicle Location

Trip histories of the vehicle come with data like trip path, distance covered, average speed, fuel consumption etc.

Fleet Management

Top feature for business. Manage the status, location, and health of your full fleet of vehicles from your smart phone.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption records ensure that you never end up spending extra on fuel.

Battery Backup

The device comes with battery backup, ensuring its functionality, and data availability even when there is no power.

Trip Histories

With AalaCar’s mobile app, you are never going to lose track of your vehicle. Where ever your vehicle, you can locate it on the map.

DTC Notifications

A comprehensive list of diagnostic codes for your vehicle are made available via the Aalacar App. This includes alerts generated when there are issues with the engine.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is enabled for you by the AalaCar device and AalaCar app combo that together extract the data from the vehicle, and analyze it to predict any potential issues with the vehicle. You will save significant costs by heeding to AalaCar’s advice!

Driver Behavior Reports

Monitoring driver behavior is critical for passenger’s safety. AalaCar’s algorithms monitor drivers’ behavior, and alert you to intervene in case of deteriorating driving behavior.